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 Make an animal complaint ?

The Massena Humane Society handles animal complaints for the Village and Town of Massena. Call 764-1330. This includes domestic animals and wildlife. If an emergency exist call 911. In cases of animal cruelty or dangerous dogs call Police at 769-3577.

Get a guest speaker from the department ?

Does your group or organization need a speaker or are you looking for some law enforcement information? The department has many trained and certified instructors with special knowledge about many different law enforcement topics. Contact the Chief of Police to inquire and schedule a speaker for your group or organization.


Get a copy of my criminal history?

The police department can provide you with your criminal history information for charges which this department arrested you for only. This can be done by requesting the records by completing the department form which is located under “obtaining a police report or record” on this site. You will be required to show proper identification to obtain the information.

 NOTE: We cannot provide you with a record from another police agency.

For a criminal history check which includes all of your arrest (including other police agencies) or to indicate that you have no criminal history anywhere, you must make this request to the Department of Criminal Justice Service in Albany.

This is done by requesting a Record Review Packet. For specifics on making this request go to:


 Crime Tips

FAQ and How Do I...

Obtain a police report or record?

All request for official records from the Massena Police Department should be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police. Request should be made in writing by completing the records request form and directed to Melissa J. Dishaw, Police Department Records Clerk, Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, Massena, New York 13662. Some fees may apply. Inquires can be made to the Records Clerk at 315-769-3577.

Click here for the Records Request Form


Claim property being held?

How to Reclaim or Check Property or Evidence Held by Police:

Property recovered by police officers or citizens and evidence held by the police are stored in the department property/evidence rooms. The Property and Evidence Unit's main objective is to maintain and insure the integrity of those items needed as evidence for the judicial process. It is also our desire to securely store all items and reunite owners with the property that is rightfully theirs.

Found Property is held pursuant to Sections 251-258 of the Personal Property Law.

Under $ 100 is held 3 months
$ 100.00 - $ 499.99 is held for 6 months
$ 500.00 – $ 4,999.99 is held for 1 year
$ 5,000.00 or more is held for 3 years

Inquiries into property or evidence can be made by contacting the department by phone or in person.


Complain about or commend an officer?

Make a complaint about an officer or Commend an officer or civilian employee (click here)


Pay a parking ticket fine?

The Village Court maintains the Village of Massena's Traffic Bureau.  Fines for parking violation summonses can be paid M-F, 8am until 4:30pm, or mailed to the Traffic Bureau at 60 Main Street, Room #6, Town Hall Building, Massena, NY  13662 or paying online at using PLC#8548 or call 1-800-604-7888.  A check or exact amount of cash is required (do not send cash through the mail).


Obtain a handicapped parking permit?

The Police Department Clerk issues New York State Handicapped Parking Permits to qualified residents of the Village and Town of Massena. You can pick up applications at the police station or download off line at: NYDMV 

Bring the completed application, which must include a physicians approval and signature to the police department during normal business hours and the Records Clerk will issue a permit.


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